Take A Closer Look at Our Healthy childcare Menu

Proper Nutrition is Paramount in Early Development

Great Expectations ELC is proud to be a CACFP-Certified child care center.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a federal initiative to incentivize nutritious meals and snacks in our nation’s child childcare centers and adult care centers. That means Great Expectations ELC offers nutritionally balanced meals, prepared fresh daily, to our students of every age. Because whole foods are essential for healthy nutrition and childhood development, our childcare center is committed to helping your children understand that nutritious foods can be both delicious and fun. This knowledge builds the foundation for healthier eating and snacking habits later in life!

Details About Our Healthy Meals

Great Expectations ELC provides our students with breakfast and lunch, as well as a 2:00pm snack and a 4:15pm snack. The cost of these healthy meals and snacks are included in your children’s tuition.

Food can be Fun!

Children love fun, and their food is no exception. We make their meals and snacks engaging and nutritious.

Learning about Nutrition

Your children will learn the basics of good nutrition and the benefits of wholesome foods.

Healthy Snacks

When children get hungry between meals, healthy snacks provide the perfect energy boost.

Exercise & Activities

Good nutrition is only half of the healthy equation. Getting enough physical activity is also essential!